Daily reflections: Wednesday: February 4/15


Gospel Mark 6:1... in this story she has experienced the confusion of going home. On the Sabbath, Jesus goes to teach in the synagogue and the congregation is made up of his family, his relatives, and the people who know his family very well. There is a saying, that profit is not honored in his own hometown. For Jesus to stand up in the synagogue and teach people who know them from childhood is more than they can stomach. They took offense at him. It shows in a way that Jesus did not understand familiarity and how familiarity makes people skeptical and suspicious. Jesus said this, “he was amazed at their own belief “. Jesus saw very clearly how familiarity was an obstacle to the people hearing him and believing him.


Reflection: what has been your experience in speaking with family or friends in the audience?


Prayer: Jesus, you ran into a difficulty which many speakers experience when they go home and stand in front of people who\'ve known you since you were a child. It was hard for them to believe that you had anything worth saying. This story reminds me that if I ever go home, or are speak before a group of people who are my family and friends, and I may experience being humiliated and yet I know that God will always give me the grace speak the truth as I see it. Amen