Monday, Feb.2/15


Daily reflection: Monday: February 2/15


Gospel: Luke 2:22... today is known as a presentation of the Lord in the temple Mary and Joseph following the tradition that Jesus to the temple to dedicate him to the Lord. Then they would offer us some kind of sacrifice to the temple and to God, then they would take Jesus home with them. This was a long-standing tradition. Simeon was in the temple and he approached Mary and Joseph and prophesied that the child would be, ”a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and for the glory of your people Israel”. Simeon was speaking as the voice of God because he saw that Jesus was not just a senior for the Israelites and also for the Gentiles and this would be most unusual statement. Ordinarily, the Israelites were a close community and Gentiles were outside the community. However, Simeon shows the mind of God includes all of humanity.


Reflection: when you look out at the world do you see that God embraces all people without exception?


Prayer: Jesus, we see that Simeon inspired by the Holy Spirit makes it clear that God is for all people and not just the chosen people. I know that I have to develop the same attitude of inclusivity and to avoid any kind of discrimination. Amen