Friday, Jan.30/15


Daily reflections: Friday: January 30/15


Gospel: Mark 4:26... Jesus continues to teach the people by the use of a parable. In referring to the kingdom of God he said it is like a little seed that has been planted in the ground. Over time the seed becomes a large plant and it is now time for the harvest, which means collecting many seeds. We read, “Jesus spoke the word to them, as they were able to hear”. Why this team is indicated to continuity of growth and to come to understand his message. He did not expect people to understand his teaching until they had the time to reflect on his word, to put it into practice, I become more familiar with his teachings. With this methodology Jesus showing his sensibility to people and where there are at and their ability to take in and live his word. It spoke about his willingness to allow time for people to grow, to mature, and to surrender their lives more and more living is kingdom of God people.


Reflection: have you experienced this growth where now you understand some of the teachings of Jesus which you did not understand years ago?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, I can see that you were very patient with people and you allowed for their growth and maturity and experience so that the light become king of God people. It gives me hope to know that you are also very patient with me and I must be patient with myself. Amen