Thursday, Jan.29/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: January 29/15


Gospel: Mark 4:21... in this Gospel Jesus is still teaching the crowd and he is using a parable as that is his favorite model of teaching. He said, “is a lamp brought in to be put under a bushel basket, or under the bed, no”. In the parable the lamp is a symbol of giving light and as a symbol it\'s to remind those who will become a light for goodness not to hide their light but rather let their light shines for all people can see it. The light of course is good example such as... kindness, thoughtfulness, the living of a Christlike life, to be a light which gives people hope and dispels the darkness of discouragement or despair. Jesus believed that his disciples, his followers, would preach the kingdom of God by the way they lived.


Reflection: have you thought of yourself as a light shining for the good of other people?


Prayer: Jesus, we call you the light of the world because your way of life and your message gave hope to people. As a light, you dispelled the darkness of ignorance and sin. I pray that I will be a light dispelling the darkness around me especially for those who are carrying a heavy burden that I will be a sign of hope and encouragement. Amen