Weds. Jan.28/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: January 28/15


Gospel: Mark 4:1... Jesus is teaching the crowd as usual he is using parables because they have a lasting meeting for centuries. Then he talks about the failures of his words take root in the hearts of his listeners. Some people hear his words and they simply disbelieve, some receive the word with joy but they\'re very shallow and superficial, others find that they have except for the word then the cares of everyday living and the desire for money and comfort take over their life, the last group accept the word and bear fruit such as compassion and kindness, a love for prayer and contemplation, a passion for social justice.


Reflection: as you reflect on your journey where would you place yourself in this parable?


Prayer: Jesus, you were a great teacher and your words have great power, yet only a few people ready internalized your message and were ready to live the way of Jesus with passion and integrity. I pray that I let the word of God sink deep into my heart and so that I might have a passion for God and for what God loves. Amen