Tues. Jan.27/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: January 27/15


Gospel: Mark 3:31... just picture the scene here... Jesus is standing before a crowd of people and he is teaching them about the kingdom of God and its beauty. Word comes to Jesus and his mother and brothers have appeared on the scene and they\'re asking for Jesus. Naturally, being the family they probably felt that Jesus usher them to the front of the crowd. However, he surprised everybody by saying, “who are my mother and my brothers?” In my imagination I see Jesus standing there stretching out his arms and saying, “here are my mother, and brothers, and sisters, all of humanity are my relatives”. Those words will shop the audience as they only include their immediate family or else people of the role religion and no one else. Jesus is embracing the world and all the people and he sees them as his family, the one great family of God.


Reflection: do you see and love all the people as your family?


Prayer: Jesus, you show the depth and the width of your heart and soul when you embrace all of humanity with love. I pray that what the help of the grace of God I too can look out at all people around the world and say of them,” you are my mother, my father, my brothers and my sisters.” Amen