Fri. Jan.23/15


Daily reflections: Friday: January 23/15


Gospel: Mark 3:13... things are evolving very nicely for Jesus, large crowds are coming to hear him teach and he as affirming them of their intrinsic goodness, that God is with them, and they are God’s beloved, that in the eyes of God they are good people. However, Jesus realizes that he will soon die and he needs people to carry on his mission of proclaiming the same message that he has been doing. We read, “Jesus went up the mountain and called to him those he wanted, and they came to him”. I\'m sure that Jesus was watching the people gathered around him and he was able to make an informed judgment on who would be best suited to carry on his work. The 12 he chose we call the apostles... they were called and sent.


Reflection: do you have a sense that God has called you and sent you?


Prayer: Jesus, you were very particular on whom you chose to carry on your ministry. By reason of my baptism I know that I too was chosen, called and sent, to carry on your good work in the world. I thank you for the privilege. Amen