Thurs. Jan.22/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: January 22/15


Gospel: Mark 3:7... Jesus popularity is growing by leaps and bounds, more and more people are gathering to hear his message because it is a message of hope and encouragement, he affirms people on their intrinsic goodness and reminds them that their loved unconditionally by God. It\'s truly good news that he proclaims to the people. The message Jesus put before the people was very simple yet powerful, that is that God loves them unconditionally no matter what their state in life, you did not see them as sinners are bad people. Also, Jesus saw the people carrying a heavy burden and did all in his power to lighten or remove the burden from their hearts. Somehow, over the years the message given to people has been bad news not good news. People have been told over and over again that they are sinners and some are even turn away from the Eucharist because they have until the are sinners.


Reflection: do you see yourself as God\'s beloved or as a sinner?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, you were always a source of hope and encouragement to the people who came to hear you, you affirmed their goodness and you never called them sinners. My intention is to imitate you and see myself and all people as God\'s beloved. Amen