Weds. Jan.21/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: January 21/15


Gospel: Mark 3:1... in this gospel we find Jesus entering the synagogue and there is a man there with a withered hand. The Pharisees were watching Jesus to see if he would break the law and heal on the Sabbath. We know that the Pharisees were legalists and they thought they were doing right by not working on the Sabbath. Jesus went to the man with a withered hand and he said to the Pharisees,”is it lawful to do good or to do a harm on the Sabbath? They remained silent. He said to the man stretch out your hand and it was restored. Jesus looked up the Pharisees with anger at their hardness of heart. Jesus showed that the Sabbath rest was made for people not people for the Sabbath.


Reflection: do you ever act with compassion knowing that you are disobeying a rule or a law?


Prayer: Jesus the healer, always you are whom by compassion when you see somebody carrying a heavy burden even if it meant breaking a rule. I pray that I too will be moved by compassion when I see someone carrying a heavy burden even though it means breaking a rule Amen