Monday, Jan.19/15


Daily reflections: Monday: January 19/15

Gospel: Mark 2:18... many other religious leaders were critical of Jesus and his disciples because they seem to enjoy living. They gathered for meals, they drank plenty of wine, and probably saying many song, they enjoyed themselves. These religious leaders were upset, criticized Jesus, and asked him why they were behaving in such a manner. Jesus as usual used a metaphor to make his point, and it was this, ‘one puts new wine into new wineskins”. Using this image Jesus is telling them that he\'s got a new wine which comes under the term, the kingdom of God. Now the kingdom of God as a serious side to it is also carries within it a life of joy, a life of laughter, life of gathering to celebrate life with family and friends, is truly a happy kingdom. Jesus wanted to understand that God is a happy God and God is delighted to see that people enjoying the gift of life. Sometimes, religion has been too serious, rigid, and unforgiving.


Reflection: do you think God has a good time when you party?


Prayer: Jesus, you knew when to be serious and you knew when to sit back and enjoy your life, you showed is a life lived with balance. I pray that I can imitate you by being faithful to my obligations and at the same time keep a balance in my life by choosing activities which rejuvenate me and give me a sense of joy and happiness. Amen