Friday, Jan.16/15


Daily reflections: Friday: January 16/15


Gospel: Mark 2:1... Mark continues with this story of Jesus healing and to his healing he is proclaiming the good news to the people. Where some people use words Jesus used actions. People saw a lot of presence of God in the actions of Jesus. And this story, a paralyzed man was brought to Jesus looking for a healing. Jesus of prizes everybody by saying to the man, “your sins are forgiven”. Naturally the religious leaders were upset by this and angry because they felt they had the monopoly on forgiving sin in the temple. Keep in mind that Jesus was not a priest he was a lay man and as a lay man he forgives sin. By doing less Jesus stripped the Jewish priests of their control over the people and their sins. Jesus was teaching a people then that a lay person could forgive sin. The same thing applies today than any baptized person can forgive sin.


Reflection: of you ever thought about your authority to forgive someone’s sin?


Prayer: Jesus you were always sensitive to people who carry the burden of guilt for their sin and you are very quick to tell them that their sins were forgiven. It reminds us that, we  , are able to forgive sin. Amen