Thurs, Jan. 15/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: January 15/15


Gospel: Mark 1:40... one of the characteristics of Mark\'s Gospel that he focuses a great deal on the healings of Jesus. Mark does this not what the idea of showing that Jesus is God but rather to demonstrate the great compassion Jesus had for those who are suffering. Keep in mind, the medical care for the sake was very primitive at the time of Jesus. As a result, the people felt really blessed to have a healer in their midst. In today\'s reading Jesus heals a man with leprosy and then we read that, “the people came  to him from every quarter”. They did not have cell phones but the grapevine was very active and the word spread there was a healer in their midst and the sick came to Jesus. Jesus moved by compassion minister to each and every one.


Reflection: have you ever experienced the compassion of God in and through another person?


Prayer: Jesus the healer, by your care for the poor and the sick you showed us the meaning of compassion in everyday life. I pray that with the help of the grace of God that like I will be moved by compassion and reach out to those in need. Amen