Friday, Jan.9/15


Daily reflections: Friday: January 9/15


Gospel Luke 5:12... this Gospel begins with Jesus curing a man who is affected with leprosy. At the same time, the grapevine is very strong spreading word about Jesus and his healing ministry. We know that Jesus moved by compassion never turn anybody away especially when they needed healing of one kind or another. What is the secret of Jesus ability to heal? The answer is in today\'s Gospel where we read, “Jesus would withdraw to  deserted places I pray”. It was Jesus’ deep relationship with God that empowered him and his relationship with God was nurtured by the hours he spent in quiet prayer, the prayer we call today meditation. Where many people who try to do the work of God without prayer and a deep relationship with God, this will not work. To do the work of God one must first pay attention to one\'s relationship with God, and when one\'s relationship is nurtured and strengthened a person is empowered by the Spirit to do the work of God.


Reflection: do you frequently follow the teaching of Scripture, “be still and know that I am God?, this is for us the prayer meditation.


Prayer: Jesus, you were a man of prayer and you valued and treasured your relationship with God, you lived with the awareness of God\'s indwelling presence and were empowered by the Spirit. I pray that I will follow the promptings of the Spirit and make time in my schedule for meditation. Amen