Thursday, Jan.8/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: January 8/15


Scripture: 1 John 4/19... John consistently wrote about God\'s unconditional love for people and that people were then to love one another. He has Jesus saying, as I have loved you so love one another. In this reading we read; “those who say, I love God, and hate their brothers or sisters are a liar, or those who do not love a person whom they can see cannot love God whom they have not seen “. This Scripture clearly teaches that all is one and to love God truly and sincerely means to love people and to love people is to love God. Probably, the best sign to the person most God is the fact that they love people and do not discriminate for any reason whatsoever. This is not an easy teaching to live


Reflection: how does this teaching impact your life?


Prayer: Jesus, you had the capacity to love every person without exception and to include them without any discrimination or judgment. I pray that I will imitate Jesus and love each and every person I meet, those I do not meet, and even to love those who do terrible things to other people. Amen