Weds. Jan.7/15


Daily reflection: Wednesday: January 7/15


Gospel: Mark 6:45... after having fed the 5000 people Jesus sends them away and knowing he had to know research relationship with God to retire to the mountain and there to pray. Meanwhile, the disciples were in a boat out on the lake and a storm came up and they were terrified of the boat capsized and they would drown. We read they saw Jesus walking on the water and they thought it was a ghost, and were terrified even more. However, Jesus get into the boat with them and he said to them; “take heart, it is I do to not be to afraid”, then he called the water. This is a powerful story of what to do when we experience here in our life, it reminds us that God is not far from us, that Jesus is actually in our boat, that is, he is in the very situation which is the source of our fear. Like the disciples, we need to a knowledge the presence of Jesus and to call out to him so that he is able in her mind and heart and calm the storm that is raging there.


Reflection: does this story help you when you become fearful?


Prayer: Jesus, this story reminds me of God’s presence in my life at all times, not only when life is going well but also when I experience storms. I pray for the grace to step out in faith and trust God and thereby return to my peace of mind and peace of soul. Amen