Tues. Jan.6/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: January 6/15


Gospel: Mark 6:34... Jesus’ reputation was spreading very quickly and large crowds of people came out to hear him. In this reading is at the end of the day, the people have been with Jesus all day long, and they are hungry. The disciples came to Jesus and reported the people’s hunger and want to send people away so they might buy food for themselves. The were very surprised when Jesus said to them; ”you give them something to eat”. Jesus was trying to get across to his disciples to realize they should not be worried to be shepherding the people and not when they were hungry it was their responsibility to give food to the people. I read into this that meeting that the disciples of Jesus 2000 years ago, and today, are called to feed the hungry. We must keep in mind that God called to the hungry people in the form of food in our churches met to be a feeding church.


Reflection: do you participate in the feeding of the poor and on the hungry?


Prayer: Jesus, you were moved by compassion and you multiply the loaves and fishes and  feed on the people. I intend to imitate you and to find ways for me to be part of those who still feed the hungry today. Amen