Monday, Jan.5/15


Daily reflection: Monday: January 4/15


Gospel Matthew 4:12... in this Gospel story Matthew has Jesus traveling from one village to another for the purpose of making known the kingdom of God. It becomes very evident early on that the kingdom of God is quite different from the kingdom of Caesar, the kingdom of rulers, who rule by force and violence. Jesus method of teaching reminds me of St. Francis of Assisi who said, peach always and only when necessary use words. In other words, actions speak louder than words. So it was with Jesus. We read,”he proclaimed the kingdom of God by curing the disease, and every sickness, I was possessed by demons, those with epilepsy and paralysis, and Jesus cured them all”. After result great crowds followed him and would be touched by the grace of God and persuaded of the kingdom of God by the actions of Jesus.


Reflection: would you say that you are preaching by your actions?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, you\'re shown that the best way to teach is by action and actions speak louder than words. I pray that my actions will persuade people about the beauty of life in the kingdom of God. Amen