Weds, Dec.23/14


Daily reflections: Wednesday: December 24/14


Gospel: Luke 2:1... this Gospel describes the birth of Jesus. Mary made him to rest in the manger because there was no room for them in the inn. It is a lowly shepherds who first come to Jesus and they find the child lying in a manger.


The manger is mentioned twice. The first time, the manger is a symbol for our heart and soul... there is a question here?... what is the state of our manger? On the one hand, our heart can be so filled at the manger is full... full of busyness, full of gifts and plans for a meal, full of our own self-importance, full of apathy and indifference... and as result there is no room in our manger for the Christ child. On the other hand, perhaps our manger is empty and there\'s plenty of room for hospitality and the welcoming of the Christ child.

The second manger tells us that it is the shepherds, on the social ladder they are considered the lowest of low, as  unimportant, the ones who would least expect to find the Christ child. It\'s a clear message that is the poor and lonely, the marginalized and the homeless, the people who are actually rejected by society are the ones most apt to find the Christ child and manger of their heart. It also tells us that many other important and wealthy people, corporations and rulers, the important people, will be the last to find their way to the manger and the Christ child, in fact they may never do so


Reflection: what is your manger look like? Is there room for the Christ child?


Prayer: Spirit of God, this story reminds me that if I\'m going to welcome the Christ child into my manger it must be empty in order to be hospitable and welcoming. I can see where I need to do some work at emptying my manger. Amen




Note: I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

This\'ll be the last reflection on to the new year.