Monday, Dec.22/14


Daily reflections: Monday: December 22/14


Gospel: Luke 1:46... in this gospel we read of the thoughtfulness of Mary leaves her home in walks all the way to be with Elizabeth during her pregnancy. In this passage we read the Magnificat, that is the words spoken by Mary with Elizabeth identified a child of Mary was carrying. The words of Mary show was a woman with strong social conscience particularly in the area of social justice, we read, “God has shown strength in his arm, he has scattered the proud, he has brought down the powerful from their throne, and lifted up the lowly, he has filled the hungry with good things, and sent the rich away empty”. With this kind of a social conscience we can see the impact that Mary would have had in forming the character, personality, and value system of Jesus.


Reflection: what do you make of Mary social conscience?


Prayer: as I reflect on Mary and her social conscience I realize that there is a call to develop the same kind of a social conscience especially in the area of social justice. It is in and through people with a social conscience that the poor will have enough and justice will reign. Amen