Fri. Dec.19/14


Daily reflections: Friday: December 19/14


Gospel: Luke 1:5... in Luke\'s Gospel this is the beginning of the Nativity story beginning with John the Baptist and Elizabeth. Elizabeth desired to give birth to a child as did her husband John. Read that John was in the temple reforming the rituals when an angel speaks to him that Elizabeth will indeed become pregnant and give birth to a child. John is doubtful and expresses that don\'t do the angel. Then the angel said to him, because you did not believe you will become you will become mute, until to speak, on feel the child is born. It was John\'s lack of faith that rendered him mute.... not able to speak.


Reflection: when you have a dream and it seems God is speaking to you do you believe in acting accordingly?


Prayer: I pray that I will listen to the dreams where the Spirit is speaking to me about God\'s call or will for me and my life. I know it may take certain discernment to know if the message is truly from God, but when I discern that it is so then I will form the intention to be faithful to God\'s message. Amen