Tues. Dec.16/14


Daily reflection: Tuesday: December 16/14


Gospel: Matthew 21:28... in today\'s Gospel we find Jesus in the Temple and he asked the chief priests and elders a question. It was a trick question which would expose the RSA I\'ll the chief priest and the elders. Jesus sets up a scenario... a man has two sons and he gives them an order and one son says yes I\'ll do it, and doesn\'t do it; the other son says he will not do it then changes his mind and does it. He has asked, which did the will of his father? He said the second. Then Jesus tells them that they are much like the first son who said yes and refuse while the other son said no and obeyed. He has one of the chief priests and elders who understand that they were the first son said he asked for were not obeying God, while the second son is a symbol for tax collectors and prostitutes who change their mind and change their life in order to do the will of God. This story is a condemnation of deceased priests and the elders.


Reflection: where do you see this parable being lived out today?


Prayer: Jesus, is a powerful story that not only challenge the chief priests and elders but also challenges all religious leaders today to live a life that is faithful to God\'s will. It also reminds me, that like a second son I am called to live a life that is obedient to the will of God. Amen