Monday, Dec.15/14


Daily reflections: Monday: December 15/14


Gospel: Matthew 21:23... in reading the Gospels we know that Jesus was a very unusual teacher in his time. When the religious leaders of his day were teaching the people they always made reference to other rabbis and their teaching, they never really spoke about their own personal faith and beliefs. Jesus is very different. He would begin his teachers by saying; “I say to you...”and then he will go on teaching from his own personal Center at his own personal relationship with God. This bothered religious teachers of the day. Jesus knew that he had an inner authority resting on his awareness and relationship with the God within, he had been awakened to that reality, he was aware of it, and it is empowered by that relationship speak clearly and on his own behalf, is only authority which is really the authority given to him by the Holy Spirit.


Reflection: when you speak of God and the things of God you do this from the “I” position?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, your manner of teaching showed that you have a deep and abiding relationship with God within and the Divine Presence and empowered you to speak with authority. I know all that the Divine Presence is within me, I am God become human, and I have been  empowered  to speak with authority but can only do so under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Amen