Fri. Dec.12/14


Daily reflections: Friday: December 12/14


Gospel: Luke 1:39... this is very much a human interest story, periodically, we read a human interest story in the newspapers and it inspires us to acts of kindness and thoughtfulness which we might not have done otherwise. Elizabeth is pregnant. She will become the mother of John the Baptist. In the meantime, her cousin Mary learns about Elizabeth\'s pregnancy and grabs the opportunity to visit her and journey with her until she gives birth. Keep in mind, in those days there was no hospital with a maternity ward and they depended on a midwife to assist them with the birth.  Mary\'s presence and assistance will be deeply appreciated by Elizabeth. This is an inspiring story of woman who just spontaneously thinks of another and acts immediately to be of assistance.


Reflection: have you ever been part of an inspiring human interest story?


Prayer: This story of Mary leaving the comfort of her own home and traveling on foot to be with Elizabeth speaks well of a caring and compassionate heart. It inspires me to look around and pay attention to what people are experiencing and burdens they carry and simply reach out and lend a helping hand. By the grace of God I will be so moved. Amen