Weds. Dec.10/14


Daily reflections: Wednesday: December 10/14


Gospel: Matthew 11:28... we read that Jesus said to the crowd, “come to me, all of you that are weary and carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest”. The people experienced the sincerity of Jesus words because they came to him large crowd, those with heavy burdens, the sick, the troubled in mind and soul, those struggling update enough food and lodging... there were so many weary people found their way to Jesus. In reading the Gospels is clear that Jesus did give people rest by feeding the hungry, counseling to disturb and mentally ill, by affirming the intrinsic goodness of people, showing by his compassion that God loves all especially those who have been judged to be sinners. Jesus never judged a person, he never sent anybody away, he never set up requirements, Jesus by his unconditional love and compassion revealed to the people of his day, and to us, a God of unconditional love and compassion, a God who never judges anybody, a God who never turns anyone away, a God without requirements. It may seem almost too good to be true and yet it is.


Reflection: what does Jesus show you what the character of God?


Prayer Jesus, you are so human and so godlike in the eyes of the people of your time. I pray that we will see you in the same way in our time and learn from you the meaning of a God of unconditional love who does not set any requirements for that love. Amen