Tues. Dec.9/14


Daily reflections: Tuesday: December 9/14


Gospel Matthew 18:12... this is known as the gospel of the lost sheep. A shepherd had 100 sheep and one of them ran away and got lost. Now the shepherd is faced with the dilemma, does he stay with the 99 sheep and protect them or does it leave the 99 and go in search of the lost sheep is not an easy decision for him to make. The shepherd makes a decision to leave the 99 and go looking for the lost sheep and when he finds that he brings back to the herd and there is great rejoicing. This is truly a metaphor. Jesus often use the metaphor of the lost sheep to being those people who are carrying a heavy burden, those who are marginalized and rejected, the poor and the sick, those of a different tribe,... these are also the small examples that Jesus experienced and it\'s very clear that Jesus movement compassion when in search of the lost sheep in order to minister to them and he did not worry about the 99 who were well fed, comfortable, belong, and were satisfied with their life.


Reflection: have you examined your attitude and behaviors towards people who are different and even loss?


Prayer: Jesus the good Shepherd, you always took the risk of going out and searching for the lost sheep, for those who are hurting, and moved by compassion to minister to them. I pray that I too will be moved by compassion, avoiding judgment, and show loving kindness to those who may feel lost. Amen