Friday, Dec.5/14


Daily reflections: Friday: December 5/14


Gospel Matthew 9:27... as Jesus was walking down the road to men who are blind approach him crying out, “have mercy on us” and these very words indicate the desperation of those two blind men. They Jesus touched their eyes and said,,” according to your faith that it be done to you”. And their eyes were open. We can take this story as factual and that\'s fair. We can also take it as a metaphor for Jesus the teacher and the two men to be assembled for those who in the beginning were not able to comprehend the message of Jesus. But then, slowly but surely her eyes are open, that is their mind and hearts are open, and now they see with new eyes the beauty of Jesus message and their lives are changed and transformed forever.


Reflection: teachers open the eyes of their students everyday and students who are curious out there eyes open to see the reality of what their teachers are teaching... this ever happened to you?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, you had such a beautiful way of teaching that some of the people who heard you were able to see the truth of your vision. I pray that as I continue to develop my faith I will see the truth of your message about living like Kingdom of God people. Amen