Weds. Dec.3/14


Daily reflections: Wednesday, December 3/14


Gospel: Matthew 15:29... we read a great crowd had been coming to Jesus to listen to him explain about his vision for the kingdom of God on earth and how the word to be a part of this new movement of God. As evening drew nearer the disciples realize that the crowd would be hungry and needed food. There is a story of the publication of the loaves and fishes and when the crowd finish eating there was food left over. We read, “Jesus took the loaves and fishes, gave thanks, he broke them, and told the disciples and to give them to the people.” This is a feeding story which happened 2000 years ago. The question now is, where do we see this happening today? Is anybody feeding the hungry? Is anybody giving food to the poor? Are people who have too much giving to those who have too little?


Reflection: where you see this feeding gospel being acted out today?


Prayer: Jesus, this is a story of feeding people who are hungry, and you told your disciples to give food to the people. Today I know they\'re a great many hungry people in our city, and some are too poor to buy food. I understand that I must be one of the people who act out this gospel by feeding those who are hungry and poor.