Weds. Dec 2/14


The Daily reflection: Tuesday: December 2/14


Gospel: Luke 10: 21... in this gospel to 70 disciples whom Jesus sent out , two buy two, to teach and to heal, return and tell Jesus of all the wonderful things which happened through their ministry. We are very excited to see the way to spirit has acted so powerfully the lives of people especially those carrying a heavy burden. Jesus rejoices with them and he thanks God; “because you hidden these things from the wise and intelligent and revealed them to infants”. The disciples that Jesus sent out were not educated, their  minds was not filled with doctrine and dogma, the very little education, however in their hearts the other great love for Jesus, a love for God, and a love for people who were carry a burden and so it was the energy in their hearts which enabled them to minister so beautifully and so powerfully.


Reflection: do you feel that some professional clergy minister mostly out of their mind and not out of their heart?


Prayer: Jesus, in your ministry you show very clearly that is not always the wise and  the educated but rather those with a caring and compassionate heart were who were most able to minister to others. We do well to pray that we do not allow our education to get in the way of our love and compassion. Amen