Monday, Dec.1/14


Daily reflections: Monday: December 1/14


Gospel: Matthew 8:5... a centurion, a Gentile, approached Jesus with a sense of urgency and told Jesus he worried about his servant was very ill and is even paralyze. At first, she has volunteers to go to his home in order to see his servant minister to him. However, the Gentile tells Jesus that he is unworthy that Jesus took him to his house.. At this point, Jesus praises this man for his faith and compares this to the lack of faith of his own people. Then Jesus show that healing can take place over a great distance and he says to the centurion; ”go, let it be done for you according to your faith”, and the servant was healed and that hour. We see that Jesus did not do anything but rather he attributes the faith on the centurion to the healing of the servant.


Reflection: this story may encourage you to hold a prayer people who may be a distance from you in believing that your prayer is powerful.


Prayer: Jesus the healer,  somehow you sparked within the centurion the courage to step out in faith for the healing of his servant whom he did love very deeply. I pray that I will be encouraged to step out in faith and pray for people whom I know who may be ill and desiring a healing. Amen