Friday, Nov.28/14


Daily reflections: Friday: November 28/14


Gospel Luke 21:29... in this Gospel who has Jesus talking about end times. Following Easter the Gospel writers seem to be fascinated by the notion that the world would come to an end and Jesus would return the second time, this was the one as the second coming. Since they were so convinced that he and the world was very close at hand they wrote Scripture passages which are meant to be warnings to the people. However, as we know 2000 years later the world is still going along, the universe is evolving as is all of life. The question is how we see reality? Some see the world as threatening, filled with war and violence, a gap between the wealthy and the poor, a feeling that the world may be coming to an end. On the other hand, many people see things differently, while not denying the darkness of the world they also see the tremendous good that\'s been accomplished by millions of people... there is a light shining in the darkness and God being God we can imagine a day when the lights will dispel all of the darkness.


Reflection: how do you see the world in which you live?


Prayer: Gracious God, we live in a very complex world, a world in which there is a great deal of darkness and in a world that\'s filled with light. I hope we pray that I, and other people of good will  be a light shining in the darkness as we work for justice and live a life of compassion. Amen