Thursday, Nov.27/14


Daily reflections: Thursday: November 27/14


Scripture: the Book of Revelation ... as advent approaches our daily readings are from the Book of Revelation. Now the book of Revelation was written with a great deal of symbols and metaphors which criticized Caesar and the Roman Empire or anyone from the Roman Empire reading would not see this nor understand it. It was not meant to forecast or describe the end of the world... that was not its purpose of all many people have given up that twist. Today we read; and the angel said to me; “write this, blessed are those who are invited to the marriage feast of the Lamb ”. With these words the author was trying to keep strong the hearts of disciples of Jesus and their faith and trust in God. In the face of fierce persecution from the Roman Empire they could very easily have become discouraged and disheartened. Yet, we know that in the face of terrible persecutions Christianity flourished and someone wrote;” the blood of the martyrs is the seed of faith”.


Reflection: when you look at the world with all its darkness what are your feelings?


Prayer: today as we look out on a world of darkness and violence there is every reason to understand why people become discouraged and are filled with despair. Those who still believe in God must continue to put our trust in the living God even in the face of the troubles of the world. Amen