Weds. Nov.26/14


Daily reflections: Wednesday: November 26/14


Gospel Luke 21:12... in this passage Jesus is telling his friends and being his friends and faithful followers and carrying on his mission is not going to be an easy task at times. He asked the early times of success and joy, times of all is going very well they can see the working of the Spirit and the lives of people. However, there will be times of trial when things do not go well when they would be criticized, persecuted, and even put to death. You will be even hated by members of your own family if you\'re true to me said Jesus. This may sound very discouraging when he was recruiting followers to carry on his mission. Realistically, it can be discouraging for followers of Jesus today if they only see and hear negativity, if they see the glass as half-empty and not half full, if they allow criticism and apparent failure to have its day than they can become very discouraged and even quit. Jesus foresaw this and he said to the people of his day, and to us, “by your renderers you will gain your souls”. Jesus trusted God no matter how bad things got. He\'s telling us to trust God no matter what confronts us, not to become discouraged, not to quit, but to persevere strengthened by the grace of God in our efforts.


Reflection: you ever become discouraged when you look at what\'s happening in your church today?


Prayer: Jesus, you are a realist and you experienced both the highs and lows in your life and in your ministry. We to experience the highs and lows and like you are strengthened by the grace of God and so we will persevere and be a shining light in the darkness of our world. Amen