Tuesday, Nov.25/14


Daily reflections: Tuesday: November 25/14


Gospel: Luke 21:5... the people at the time of Jesus are very proud of the great Temple and apparently it was a beautiful building and was considered to be welling of God. We read that it was adorned with beautiful stones and gifts dedicated to God. Luke has Jesus saying that the day will come when not one stone would be left upon another, all will be throwing down. Luke could write this story because he was writing about 70 years after the fall of the capital. However, it tells the story of people who misplaced their priorities. Luke want to stress that Jesus wanted people to focus on their relationship with God and not with a building matter how beautiful it was. I often hear today of those who say what a beautiful church, what a beautiful cathedral, what beautiful vestments, while expensive sacred vessels, all which have nothing to do with a person\'s relationship with God.


Reflection: what do you think of Luke\'s writing and criticism of the beautiful buildings?


Prayer: I reflect on Luke having Jesus to the people that it would be best for them when the Temple was destroyed because then they will have to refocus on God and their relationship with God. I pray that the Spirit guide me so I do not put my focus on beautiful things but rather on a life-giving and loving relationship with God. Amen