Friday, Nov.21/14


Daily reflections: Friday: November 21/14


Gospel: Luke 19:45... we catch up to Jesus today teaching in the temple and you don\'t mind you would be teaching the people about God\'s presence in her life and God\'s unconditional love for them. You would tell them about God\'s dream for the world, a world of justice and peace, a world where people would live as family energized by mutual love, a world where everybody would have enough and there would not be people having far more than the needed. All this seemed quite harmless. We read that the people who heard Jesus spellbound, that is the words were getting ready through them their imagination was being awakened to see the possibilities of a new world in a whole new way of living. However, the chief priests and scribes sought quite in differently, they felt that they were being challenged and found wanting, they felt that people would rise up against them and take away their power over them buying freedom. We are told they were looking for a way to kill Jesus.


Reflection: can you see how Jesus message today with anger some leaders value power over other people?


Prayer: Jesus by reason of your vision you gave the people hope for a better life, I pray that I can embrace your vision for my own life and be a true witness manifesting the vision of God for the world. Amen