Thurs. Nov.20/14


Daily reflections: Thursday: November 20/14


Gospel Luke 19:41... as we read the Gospels we find that Jesus gave of himself everything that he had. It\'s clear, that Jesus had a great love for God and wanted more than anything else that people hear him and come to know that God loves them unconditionally no matter what. If you day, and down through the centuries, lip service was given to God\'s unconditional love by focusing on requirements that a person must fulfill in order to gain God\'s love. Jesus lived a life of love himself, he taught a message of God\'s love for people, he fed the people who were hungry, he healed the sick... what more could he have done? And yet there was so very few responded to Jesus and his message. In today\'s Gospel we read that when Jesus came near to Jerusalem the wept over it saying; ”if you had only recognized on this day the things that make for peace!” Jesus wept an endless fuel lines we understand how brokenhearted Jesus was, how he grieved for the people would not hear or see, it was surely a sad day in the life of Jesus.


Reflection: when you look at the church today and what is happening or not happening, do you ever feel like weeping?


  1. Prayer: Lord Jesus, you loved so intensely the people of your time and you had hope for them that they would listen to you open up their hearts to God and God\'s way of life. Most did not and you wept. Today, I need to weep as I see so many people choosing to learn the rights without a relationship with God and living a God centered life. Amen
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