Wednesday, Nov.19/14


Daily reflections: Wednesday: November 20/14


Gospel Luke 19:11... today\'s story is very similar to the same story in Matthew\'s Gospel. A Rich man is leaving on a journey and he gives three servants money saying to them;” do business with them until I come back”. We read up to a service in business and earned a good return on their investments, the third one, in the money because of his fear of the businessmen whom he saw a very authoritarian and punitive. Naturally, the businessman was very angry that he did not do business with the money and earn a good return. This of course is a parable deal with symbols. Those who took the challenge and earned a good return could be likened to people where they get to by God with talents ,skills, abilities and develop themselves so they\'re able to really contribute to the good of humankind. The other one did not invest the money are rather out of fear into can be a symbol for people who also have talents, skills, and abilities, but because of fear of criticism, or failure, rejection do nothing and so waste their lives and their potential for doing good.


Reflection: you see how your talent, skills, and abilities are improving the quality of life for others?


Prayer: Gracious God, you bless me with gifts, skills and talents and empowered by the Holy Spirit I will put those to good use for the good of others. Amen