Tuesday, Nov.17/14


Daily reflections: Tuesday: November 18/14


Gospel Luke 19:1... Jesus entered Jericho and Zacchaeus, a short man, climbed a tree to see Jesus and Jesus saw him up the tree. Jesus called him down and invited himself to dinner with Zacchaeus a tax collector and considered to be a sinner. The people began to complain as they felt that Jesus should not eat with the sinner. Now we see the power of grace acting in the light of Zacchaeus. He tells Jesus he would give half his possessions to the poor, payback people he defrauded. At this Jesus said to the crowd; “today salvation has come to this house”. This is a parable of grace, a graceful moment of conversion, which took place when there is the encounter with Jesus and Jesus compassion for those who are carrying a heavy burden of guilt.


Reflection: you recall a moment of grace happening in your life?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, wherever you went you met people who are carrying a heavy burden of guilt or remorse and you never judged and condemned but rather moved with compassion you forgave them and healed them. I can reflect on the moments of my life when I experience the grace of God which brought me inner peace and a new beginning. Amen