Nov.14/14 Friday


Daily reflections: Friday: November 14/14


Gospel: Luke 17:26... in this gospel Jesus is using extravagant language in order to warn the people that they may be going down a path of destruction a reason of their neglect and failure to live a life of fidelity to the covenant. Keep in mind, Jesus did not threaten people, but he often warned them with the hope that they would see the error of their way and be converted. After he gives several examples of warning they ask him; “Where, Lord?. Jesus answers; where the corpse is, there the vultures will gather”.


Reflection: what you think Jesus means about the vultures gathering around a corpse?


Prayer: Jesus, you warned the people of your time and very few people paid any attention to you. I wonder if the people of our time, even myself, are we heeding the warnings that we find in the Gospels. I pray that your Spirit enlighten us so we will indeed experience some form of conversion. Amen