Thursday Nov.13/14


Daily reflection: Thursday: November 13/14


Gospel: Luke 17:20... when Jesus talked about the new world order in which people are living in justice and peace and look after one another yard and use the image of the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God would be made up of people bought into Jesus vision for human kind, that is a vision where people matter, where people saw themselves as brothers and sisters to be loved, to be communities and countries where there was no violence of war, a world in which everybody was included and all are equal. People who listen to Jesus that this was an idea for the future. However Jesus corrected them by saying to them: “the kingdom of God is among you”. By saying this Jesus telling them that there are some people who have centered their lives around God and our living God centered life. When this happens people experience the kingdom of God in the here and now.


Reflection: when and where have you experienced kingdom of God living?


Prayer: Jesus you are a visionary and he revealed the people who dream of God for a world of justice and peace, for world where everybody would have enough and there would be no war. Your intention is that this would happen not sometime in the distant future but here and now in our life, in our midst, in our communities and someday in the world. Amen