Nov.12/14 Weds.


Daily reflections: Wednesday: November 12/14


Gospel: Luke 17:11... as we know the Jewish people at the time of Jesus did not like the Samaritans as a matter of fact they were sworn enemies. With this background we read that 10 lepers came to Jesus crying out for healing. Jesus healed them all and off the web so happy to once more be well and healthy. Then there is a very big surprise for Jesus... it is a Samaritan who returns to give thanks that the other nine members of Jesus or religion do not return. Jesus affirms the faith of the Samaritan and the fact that the other nine Jewish people did not return would be an insult to his listeners.


Reflection: what meaning do you find in this story for yourself?


Prayer: Jesus, you are surprised that it was a Samaritan who returned to give thanks and to glorify God. Sometimes, I am like the nine who did not return to give thanks. The story of the returning Samaritan reminds me live a life of graciousness and gratitude. Amen