Nov. 11/14 Remembrance Day


Daily reflection: Tuesday: November 11/14


Gospel: and Jesus said love one another as I have loved you.


Today is Remembrance Day and we all have our own personal reflection on this day. For me, it is a very sad day but think of all the young men and women who were killed in the in the great war. This saddens extends not only to our old allies soldiers but also those who recall “the enemy”. They are all our brothers and sisters in the great family of God. It\'s clear that Jesus wanted a family of God to avoid violence at all costs and to find other ways to settle disagreements. I call it the third way... that is not flight or flight... as both are violent. The way of Jesus, the way of justice, the way of the way of loving as Jesus loves and told us to love is the way to assure him lasting peace. Even today, in many parts of the world there is violence and war and killing and it\'s all wrong and against the will of God. Every world religion at its core teaches justice as a way to peace. Unfortunately, people in the various world religions don\'t take the message seriously and as a result resort to violence and war and killing.


Reflection: you choose the third way when there is a disagreement or conflict?


Prayer: Jesus our brother, you lived and taught the way of love not only friends are also those who have been unfortunately designated as enemy. In this great family of God, we are all brothers and sisters and there are no enemies only people to be loved. Jesus you\'ve shown us the third way to a lasting peace. We do well to unite our prayers with all the people of goodwill throughout the world that someday humanity will choose justice and compassion and say no to violence and war for a lasting peace. Amen