Monday, Nov.10/14


Daily reflections: Monday: November 10/14


Gospel: Luke 17:1... by now the disciples have been traveling with Jesus for some time and a great deal of Jesus personality and characteristics that rubbed off on the disciples. They listened attentively to his teachings and internalize them, they had witnessed his healing long for the sick, you seem to matter which he refused to become vindictive towards those who criticized him... they had learned a great deal. In today\'s Gospel the apostles say to Jesus; ”Lord, increase our faith!”. However, Jesus did not attempt to increase their faith but rather he said to them; “if you had faith that size of a mustard seed, you could say to this tree, be  uprooted and planted in the sea, and it would obey you “. In other words, Jesus tell them that they had enough faith, be it large or small, and not to worry about, but rather to step out and do the will of God simply trusting the faith which they have, they have enough.


Reflection: this teaching of Jesus reassures you that you have enough faith.


Prayer: Jesus, you encouraged the apostles by telling them that they had enough faith and just to step out and trust. I do believe I have enough faith it is just a matter of trusting the faith which I have... trusting God. Amen