Nov.7/14 Friday


Daily reflections: Friday, November 7/14


Gospel: Luke 16:1... in this story Jesus talked about a rich man who had a manager who squandered his masters property. He was called to account. To protect his future livelihood he made a deal with debtors of the master to ensure that when he was fired those people would take him in and provide for his future. They were dishonest deals. Surprisingly, in this story the master commended the unjust steward because he show the wisdom of providing for his future whereas many people rate nor in God and Jesus message in providing for their future.


Reflection: what do you make of this story as it pertains to your own life?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, you were able to tell a story which showed the shrewdness of somebody was looking after their future in this world. At the same time they were neglecting their spiritual life, their relationship with God. I hope and pray that the Holy Spirit will enlighten me so that I do not make the same mistake. Amen