Nov. 5/14 Wedsnesday


Daily reflection: Wednesday: November 5/14


Gospel Luke 14:25... in this Gospel Jesus\'s teaching the cost of discipleship. It\'s not enough to be a hanger on a rather one must be committed to await life that puts God in Jesus at the very center. We read; “not of you can be my disciple if you do not give up all your possessions.” Now Jesus was not telling the people that they have become very poor and needy, to give up their house and their means of transportation nor to give up their land. What Jesus is talking about his attachments. Attachments have always been a barrier to a person spirituality and the growth of one\'s relationship with God. The key word here is unattached, to have something but not to be attached so that the possession rule for persons life. Rather, to have things which are necessary for good quality of life but to be unattached in the sense that if they lose it, or if it\'s taken away from them, they will still be okay.


Reflection: are you attached or unattached to that which you have?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, you lived the life which demonstrated very clearly that life can be rich without attachments and whatever came your way you remained unattached and free. I will examine the things I have and hopefully I can move from attachment to unattached and experience freedom. Amen