Nov. 4/14 Tuesday


Daily reflections: Tuesday: November 4/14


Gospel Luke 14:15... this Gospel focuses on the invitation that people might receive to develop their relationship with God and the God centered life. Jesus tells the story while here that table eating a meal. “Someone gave a great dinner and invited many”. However, we read that they did not respond to his invitation and gave an excuse, one on a piece of land, another bought a team of oxen, another say just married... and slowly made excuses to turn down the invitation. This is a metaphor speaks about God\'s invitation to the people of the time of Jesus and the people of today.


Reflection: as you reflect on your spiritual journey you find yourself at times tempted to use  an excuse  not to get too close to God?


Prayer: Gracious God, I know in your unconditional love for me you\'re always calling me to become aware of your indwelling Divine Presence and to grow in my love for you and all the things that God loves. I will be aware of my excuses and not allow them to be a barrier between me and you. Amen