Monday, Nov.3/14


Daily reflections: Monday: November 3/14


Gospel: Luke 14:12... in this gospel Jesus speaks about our motivation for doing good, do we do good because we\'re looking for some kind of reward or do we accept it because it is the right thing to do. In this story Jesus is at a meal with a Pharisee and it will be a very sumptuous meal. All the guests of course our friends of the Pharisee. And the Pharisee can expect to be invited back to their homes for a meal. Your quid pro quo game. Jesus changes the game and he tells them that when they give a banquet they should invite the poor, the cripple, a leading online. And the reason being that these people would not be able to invite a wealthy person back to their home for a meal. In other words, invite people to a meal who are unable to play the quid pro quo game and invite people simply because it is the most loving, the most caring, the most charter boat thing to do and not to do so with the hope on the possibility of her reward.


Reflection: what do you think of the message of Jesus for today?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, we read in the gospel that you were able to minister to people without looking for a reward or a payback, it\'s clear that you ministered to people out of the great compassion in your heart and did not expect them to be able return the favor. This forces me to examine my motivation for doing good and discern in I looking for a reward or am I doing it out of compassion for the good of others. Amen