Oct.31, Friday


Daily reflections: Friday: October 31/14


Gospel: Luke 14:1... at the time of  Jesus to religious authorities were very legalistic and demanded that the people who made their laws even a man hardships to them. In today\'s Gospel, we read that a sick man approached Jesus on the Sabbath. Now the Sabbath rest, due to work, was extremely sacred and important to the religious authority and anyone who violated the Sabbath rest is therefore in trouble. The Pharisees watched Jesus to see if he would obey the Sabbath or would he disobey the Sabbath law by healing the sick man. Jesus says to them if a child or an ox fall into the well of the Sabbath you immediately pulled out, yet you will not heal a sick person because you see it as disobey the Sabbath rule. Having said that, Jesus healed the man and restored him to health. Jesus is teaching us that we are to follow our conscience and disobey a law which stands against the well-being of people.


Reflection: have you ever faced a dilemma of whether or not to obey a law?


Prayer: Jesus, you had the wisdom to know when the law was against life and needed to be disobeyed. I pray for the same wisdom, that I will be able to see laws which are against life and follow my conscience and disobey such laws. Amen