Daily reflections: Thursday:  30/4 October


Gospel: Luke 13:31... in this Gospel the Pharisees, and warned Jesus that Herod has heard about him and feel that Jesus has become a political liability to the Roman Empire, and the Roman Emperor. They tell him that if he is smart he will disappear for a while until things cool off. It\'s clear that Jesus had high hopes that the people of Jerusalem would hear his message, believe it, and act according. However, it is becoming clear to Jesus that this is not going to happen and that the people of Jerusalem are missing a golden opportunity for a new life. Jesus cries over Jerusalem because once again that people fail to listen to the Prophet Jesus. This shows the human side of Jesus and the sadness that was his because he felt yet failed to touch hearts of the people.


Reflection: given the state of the world today and view where it felt like crying over the suffering of so many people?


Prayer: Jesus, you cried over Jerusalem because of the failure of the people to listen to your word and change their way of living and find out that to live as members of the kingdom of God is a far better way. I think it is time for us to pray over Jerusalem, that is our church, which is going through a very difficult time now and for many people it is very sad and disappointing. Amen