Weds., Oct.29/14


Daily reflections: Wednesday: October 29/14


Gospel Luke 13:22... so we asked the question what is it to be saved? Want is salvation? In today\'s Gospel Jesus is going from town to town teaching as he made his way to Jerusalem. Someone asked him; “Lord, who were only a few be saved?” First, this is a misunderstanding regarding salvation. The traditional understanding of salvation as being based on their reward and punishment idea of God, that if you are good you could hope to go to heaven when you die, reward, if you are not good, then it would be punishment. This notion still exists today. However, a careful reading of the Gospel makes it very clear that the there is another meaning for salvation. In Acts we read;” in God we live and move and have our being. “Again in John\'s Gospel, “God is love and those who live in law live in God and God in him/her”. Since we believe that heaven is where God is that we are already in heaven and salvation means how we bring about the kingdom of God here on earth solar is both compassion, and justice, and peace.


Reflection: have you reflected on what you understand my salvation for yourself?


Prayer: Jesus, Scripture teaches us very clearly that we are people of the Incarnation, that the Spirit of God lives in us, and awakens us to the reality of the Divine Presence within us. Our mission in life, as friends of Jesus, is to bring about the kingdom of God here so that people are saved from poverty, from hunger, from violence, from discrimination, and oppression. Amen