Tuesday, Oct.27/14


Daily reflections: Tuesday: October 28/14


Gospel: Luke 6:12... we know that Jesus often spoke about his relationship with God, he said the father and I are one, wherever sees me sees the father, with these words Jesus is telling that he has awaken the Divine Presence within him that he was in a relationship with God and God with him. This was a very foundation of Jesus life and his relationship with God is what empowers him to do ministry and help the people who came looking for a system. Today\'s Gospel tells us that Jesus about the mountain to pray, and he spent the night in prayer to God. We know that Jesus would not have been saying prayers as we understand rather he was using the Scripture; ”be still and know that I am God”. It was in that stillness, in the silence, that the spirit acted in his mind the heart and soul and Jesus was awaken to the Divine Presence within him. As friends of Jesus we too are called to be awakened to the Divine Presence within us and one of the principal ways of doing this is through meditation


Reflection: are you able to be still and in silence allow yourself to be awakened the Divine Presence?


Prayer: Jesus you are a man of prayer and because of your prayer in stillness and silence you were awakened to the Divine Presence within you and you were empowered to minister to people in a very beautiful and powerful way. Jesus you have set an example that I do well to follow. Amen